11th December 2021
Sanjhi Workshop

Please contact #9205308098

Time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Sunder Nursery pedestrian entry ticket counter

Rs 400/-


Get ready for a day full of craft, culture and serenity.

Sanjhi is the ancient art of paper stenciling practiced across Mathura and Vrindavan. It was traditionally used to make ritualistic and ceremonial rangolis in temples dedicated to Lord Krishna.
Join us for an exclusive Sanjhi workshop by the women artisans and producer members of Insha-e-Noor.

About Insha-e-Noor (IeN)

Insha-e-Noor, meaning Creation of Light, is a women’s enterprise supported by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. It works with close to 100 local women artisans producing a range of exquisite handcrafted products.

What do you need to do

Carry a bottle of water.
Wear a mask and carry a sanitizer.
We request you to keep your phones on silent during the workshop

Covid Guidelines