4th December
Suitable Conversation

Please contact #9911949854

Time: 4 pm

Mughal Pavilion, Sunder Nursery Park


By A Suitable Agency

This winter, A Suitable Agency and Sunder Nursery present: Suitable Conversations at Sundar Nursery - a series of talks and conversations around books and featuring an exciting list of writers. The events will be held on weekends and will be open to everyone (entry fees to Sunder Nursery will apply)
The first conversation will be held on 4th December at 4 pm, and will feature award winning historian Manu Pillai, discussing his new book ‘False Allies’ with acclaimed author Ira Mukhoty.


The format would be a brief introduction, a talk by Manu Pillai, followed by a conversation between him and author Ira Mukhoty. The event will conclude with an interaction with the audience.

What do you need to do

Wear a proper mask and carry a sanitizer.
Be on time and if you're late join in silently
Keep your phones on silent during the workshop

Covid Guidelines